Use Case: J Bar


J Bar Contractor’s Services launched AirVote in their portable restrooms in November 2020. Initially deployed to a thousand units, the program was later expanded to the rest of the company’s fleet.
The company placed AirVote stickers inside each portable restroom unit and luxury restroom trailers for special events, residential, commercial, and construction sites.
The service route manager receives and initially triages real-time alerts from restroom users. If any action is needed, it is dispatched to the appropriate service team or driver route.
The AirVote trends are reviewed at weekly staff meetings for training and goal-setting.
J Bar Ambassador program offers restroom users, every time they provide feedback, to be entered into a monthly prize drawing. It helps engage the users to provide frequent and helpful feedback. The restroom users have an opportunity to join every time they scan a QR smiley.
Happy responses from restroom users have been associated with the company’s positive reviews on social media.

For J Bar, the AirVote feedback helps generate additional sales. The company’s president Tanis Jamar describes a common scenario when direct feedback from a restroom user presents an opportunity to call the customer on record and say, “Hey, we just got a notification in real-time from AirVote, and it says, there is no toilet paper. How many people do you have on that job site?” The customer may be in a framing stage with forty people on-site and not realize they need extra units or service. “Do you want us there twice a week? Do you want an extra service now? Do you want another unit?” J Bar has actually successfully gotten their customers to increase the unit count or add some of the extra services. All because the customer does not feel they are getting just the sales pitch, but it’s the need that was expressed by their own employees.

Interview of J Bar owners at a Get Flushed podcast episode (full podcast here).

The company recently further expanded its use of AirVote to cover its dumpster rentals. By scanning the QR smiley, the customer communicates to the company when the dumpsters are getting full and ready for a swap.

AirVote’s AirLead program gives incentives for company drivers to comfortably refer new businesses to J Bar while they are out on the service routes. Scanning an AirLead QR code inside the truck sends a message to the company’s inside sales team with the geolocation, pictures, and additional information. AirVote then tracks that lead to completion, and in case of a sale, the driver receives a bonus.

About J Bar Contractor’s Services:
Located in Burnet, TX, and popular in Texas for its high service standards and customer focus, J Bar Contractor’s Services offers a full line of construction site rentals and special event restroom rentals, including luxury restroom trailers. The portable restrooms include Sanitary restrooms, Women’s units, hand wash stations, and hand sanitizer units. The special event units come with a solar-powered motion sensor light to accommodate evening events. To learn more, visit

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