AirVote For Portable Restrooms

AirVote For Portable Restroom User Feedback

Restroom User Feedback


AirVote For Logging Services and Service History

Logging Services and Service History


AirVote as a Location Tracking System

Location Tracking System


  • Increase driver efficiency. Scenario: thirty toilets dropped throughout a large site. Staff spends time driving and looking for the units to service to make sure they didn’t miss any.
  • Recover lost toilets. Scenario: a toilet was moved by a customer without authorization. It is effectively lost for the company. As soon as a restroom user sends AirVote feedback that it needs service, it puts the toilet’s location right back on the map.
  • Correct human errors. Scenario: a driver or staff incorrectly recorded the toilet’s location or forgot to tag it on last delivery. A restroom user shares their location while inside the toilet and flags the human error.

Other Uses of AirVote:

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