How to integrate AirVote with your HelloTracks system


What you get when you integrate your AirVote with HelloTracks

  1. When you scan AirVote QR for your service, delivery, and pickup jobs. AirVote will update your location and the GPS in HelloTracks.
  2. All real-time responses from the users will show the last service information, including the date, pictures, and any notes. Here is an example of an alert you would receive if your AirVote and HelloTracks are integrated:

Steps to integrate your AirVote with your HelloTracks

You need:

  1. To be a user of HelloTracks Software (
  2. Manager-level access to the AirVote system
  3. AirVote-HelloTracks integration enabled by the AirVote team. Email to request it.

Steps to follow:

1. ONE-TIME: Place the AirVote QR Sticker

2. Scan any AirVote QR code with your manager device’s camera

3. Type the unit’s placement and tap Apply. Tap on services performed.

That’s it! Your current GPS location will be saved in HelloTracks. If there is no unit with this asset number in HelloTracks, AirVote will automatically create one. If the unit is already in HelloTracks, its placement description and GPS will be updated. All future responses from users will include the last service information, including the date, pictures, and any service notes.

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