Use Case: Stahla Services


Stahla Services installed AirVote in February 2021 across all its fleet of luxury restroom trailers. Initially used for restroom user feedback, the company quickly embraced the platform’s service logging capabilities. Service logs are used to research customer issues and as an internal communication tool for the staff. Many of Stahla’s facilities are on remote customer sites being serviced by the customer teams or outside service companies. It is very important to catch the break-fix issues and communicate them to the customer onsite. This is why instead of “Happy”, ‘So-so”, and “Sad”, the company chose the QR smiley labels as “Great”, “Needs cleaning”, and “Needs repair”. Seeing these answer choices directly on the AirVote QR displays encourages the users’ responses. Connected to the company’s Google page, AirVote also helps increase the number of happy Google reviews.

The service tracking by AirVote was published as a Technology and Software Case Study by Pumper magazine in their October 2022 issue.

In this 4-minute video, the company owners, Grant and Erin Stahla, share their experience with the AirVote system

About Stahla Services:
Founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, Stahla Services offers a full line of luxury restroom trailers, including Restroom & Shower Trailers, Combination Trailers, and Handicap Accessible (ADA) Trailers. The company serves Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and Southern US regions. To learn more, visit

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