Use Case: NexGen P-Pod


NexGen started its partnership with AirVote in November 2021. All its fleet of standard and P-Pod units carry an AirVote sticker. The company was the first one to place separate AirVote QR codes on the outside of each unit, serving as the unit’s serial number barcode. Consistent users of ServiceCore, NexGen connected AirVote with their ServiceCore platform (see how-to blog here). The company staff uses AirVote’s QR code outside the unit with the ServiceCore mobile app to track the deliveries, pickups, or services. It is especially helpful for their foldable P-Pod units: drivers scan the outside of the units upon the delivery on site and do not need to open each one to scan the AirVote code inside each unit. Just like with any CRM-integrated platform, the user alerts include user feedback and information about the location and last/next service in the unit directly from ServiceCore. If the next scheduled service is 2+ days out and the user says there is a problem, the alert flags the unit as a potential overuse and the upsell opportunity.

In this 5-minute video interview, the owner of NexGen P-Pod, Curtis Ingals, shares his experience with AirVote to gather real-time feedback from restroom users and to upsell services to his customers.

About NexGen P-Pod:
Headquartered in Englewood, CO, NexGen P-Pod NexGen P-Pod is one of Colorado’s leading providers of portable toilet services. Among the company’s rental options are standard construction units, event P-Pod units, wheelchair-accessible and ADA units, as well as double handwash stations. To learn more, visit

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