Use Case: Customer Feedback from Gas Stations and Mini-Mart Stores


A commercial real estate company leases its properties for use as gas stations and mini-mart stores. The company has control over the business operations of its properties.

The corporate management team was interested in using AirVote to keep visibility across all its properties to ensure consistency of pricing, customer service, facilities conditions, and proper pump equipment operation. AirVote’s in-the-moment feedback was to be used to send the alerts to the store teams in case a customer encounters issues such as broken pump, pricing anomalies, restroom conditions, etc. The corporate team would use the end customer feedback data to help monitor operations across its stores or research any issues.

AirVote trial covered six stores with its QR Smileys® placed on the pumps and inside store restrooms.

Over the 12-month period, the stores received over a thousand combined responses, approximately half from the pumps and half from the store restrooms. 60% of responses from the restrooms and 35% from the pumps were positive. It was expected: the responses from the pumps were most likely when something didn’t work right: an action to be taken by the business team.

Examples of the customer responses from the stores:

Comment: “TP getting low…Comment“Thank you for clean restroom!”

Comment: “Pump is super slow – out of gas??”

Comment: “TP getting low…

Comment: “Thank you for clean restroom!

Comment: “Pump is super slow – out of gas??

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