Your restroom user feedback on a map🗺️


Most responses from the restroom users include the geolocation of the user or the unit at the time of the response. So why not show it on a map? Now you can do that.

It helps spot your challenge areas. Maybe certain routes need additional training. Or perhaps a particular location tends to overuse the facilities (upsell opportunity)

A thousand-foot view in a visual way can be another tool for you. And if someone dares to go for total transparency, you can also put the map on your website – it will certainly draw your customer’s eyes.

In any case, it’s there for you. We’d love to hear your feedback!

On the topic of maps and geographies: AirVote continues to expand its own footprint in Europe. In October, AirVote will present its solutions at the largest PRO event in Europe – the 2022 EUROTOI show in Kalkar, Germany.

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