Press-release: Airvote’s QR Smiley® solution is welcomed by airports


April 26, 2022

More airports adopt the AirVote QR Smiley® solution for real-time passenger feedback.

Corpus Christi, Texas: AirVote announced today that its solutions optimized for the transportation industry have started turning the heads of the airport management teams. The latest addition to the AirVote client family was Indianapolis Internationa Airport (IND). It was one of the few airports in North America to receive the original Airport Health Accreditation from Airports Council International in 2020. It was recently re-certified in March this year. This accreditation again designates IND as one of the healthiest airports in North America.

“It was no surprise that the team at Indy was immediately interested in what AirVote had to offer,” said Dmitri Poukhovski, AirVote founder and CEO. “Passenger feedback from the restroom stall is contactless, anonymous, and instant. This powerful real-time sentiment data extend the airport’s existing health and hygiene measures.”

The most recent release combines AirVote’s customer feedback and service logging capabilities. Using the same QR Smiley® display, passengers can leave their feedback, and the airport’s custodial teams can log their service activities at that particular location.

About AirVote: Founded in 2019, AirVote ( is a self-service real-time customer feedback platform. Customers provide instant service feedback by scanning one of three smileys with an embedded unique QR code with their smartphone. Self-service setup, simplicity of implementation, and contactless format allowed AirVote to become an attractive offering for clients in various industries and settings.

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