2 ways to track AirVote signs across many locations


One of our clients reported that their customer feedback seems to be coming from the wrong location.

As we went to the client site and checked, we found out that the client intended to ask the same question at different locations at their site.  When installing the signs, their team inadvertently swapped some locations.  As a result, the customer feedback at location A was registered by the AirVote system as the location B and visa versa.  A mistake is easy to make: the question is the same, all QR codes look the same, and the small ID number in the corner of the AirVote poster is not easy to track. 

There are two ways to prevent this:

  1. If you do not want to track a particular location, just make a copy.  It becomes straightforward to manage.  It will not matter which sign goes where – the QR codes are precisely the same.  However, the customer feedback will be pooled together across all locations.
  2. If you want to track customer feedback at each location separately, ask the team who installs the signs to scan the QR code and enter the location in a comment right after placing the sign. This way, after all the signs have been installed, you can go to the AirVote management panel and confirm or correct the locations based on the comment.

Do you see a better way to manage questions/locations?

Please suggest in the comments below or send an email to team@air-vote.com.

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