What do you need to scan a QR code?


2020 became the year of QR codes – both businesses and consumers adopted QR codes to make payments, show product details, enable rewards or discounts, and share information.

QR codes pop up everywhere: posters in stores, online menu at restaurants, etc.  Some companies like we at AirVote, make it the core of its whole service of helping businesses to collect customer feedback by QR code scans.  But really, how practical is it to expect customers to know how to scan a QR code, especially doing it “on-the-go”?  Doesn’t it require to install some scanning apps and being tête-à-tête with smartphone technical internals?

Not so much nowadays, unless your smartphone is more than 3 years old. QR codes may look confusing to some.  They are however ridiculously easy to use.

If your phone is an iPhone 5s or later or an Android phone running Android 8 or later (post-2017), its camera has a built-in QR code reader.  It is as simple as taking a picture: point your camera to a QR code and it should recognize it. One tap on a screen pop-up – that’s all you need to scan a QR code.

If your phone is a newer version, but it does not work, check that the QR scanning is enabled in your phone settings. Like many functions, it is optional and may be disabled.

  • iPhone: Settings -> Camera -> Scan QR Codes: On
  • Android: Settings -> System Apps -> Camera -> Scan QR Codes: On

If you are out of luck and your smartphone is an older version, check if your browser version (Safari or Chrome) supports QR code scanning. If it does not, you will have to resort to installing an app.  Some of the popular ones are Kaspersky’s QR scanner and NeoReader.  The good thing is that installed once, you will use it always for QR code scans, making it an “on-the-go” thing.

AirVote QR smileys can be frequently seen today at tables, walkways, restrooms, mail-in orders, or on the back of the business cards.  Businesses of all kinds use it as a logical add-on to their existing customer feedback methods.  The data which we receive, speaks loud and clear: a large number of the customers are quite comfortable scanning a QR code.  The data is plenty sufficient to reveal both trends and individual customer feedback making it a practical tool for businesses to see their service through the customer “QR eyes”

Try it now and see for yourself.

To see how businesses use AirVote, check out our gallery.

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