Feature Release History


January 2022: AirLead from AirVote and FYP

AirLead is an internal lead generation platform. It resulted from AirVote’s partnership with Follow Your Process – a consulting company for portable restroom operators. With AirLead, a company employee scans a QR code placed on the dashboard of their truck and can quickly submit a referral directly to the company’s inside sales team. If the lead results in a sale, the system sends the referral bonus to the employee who submitted the lead. This product enables company employees to look for leads actively and incentivizes them with a transparent referral bonus process.

December 2021: End-Of-Year Fun Release – integrating Dino game into user responses

After users send their comments, AirVote shows a screen with a Dino game from Google. First thought as a fun update, the feature has the potential to decrease graffiti in restrooms by keeping the restroom user occupied and is especially useful for portable restroom operators.

December 2021: Service Logging by AirVote

Another requested feature by many clients: to log cleaning and equipment services. In addition to gathering user feedback, AirVote released a single QR code display placed where the service team can access it. Scanning the QR code brings a customizable screen that displays service activities in graphical format. The service team member taps on the activities performed, and the information is logged. Service log can also have open text comments, pictures, or audio. This feature was welcomed by the clients who have outsourced service teams at remote locations. AirVote’s new service log feature stands out among other service logging products on the market because of its extreme simplicity – no need to log in or type anything.

November 2021: Integration with CRM software

Many AirVote clients use CRM and route software to manage their business and customers. AirVote’s optional CRM integration includes additional information from the client’s CRM system into the AirVote alert. For example, suppose a service problem is associated with a particular portable restroom unit. In that case, the alert may include the customer’s name, location, unit details, and last service date – all directly from the CRM system of the client.

October 2021: Second level question

When customers have a critical response, they can use the open text field to describe the problem or add a picture. Clients from various industries asked for the ability to show their users a list of standard issues to make it easier to communicate what was not right. In response, the AirVote team released a customizable screen that lists standard problems in a graphical form. The user only needs to tap and check off common problems from the list. This feature increased the comments on critical responses from 25% to over 80%.

September 2021: Multiple language support

A strategic partnership with iMexos took AirVote’s international presence to another level. Located in Madrid, Spain, iMexos partners with various industries in the European community to promote AirVote. It led to a full expansion of the AirVote user interface and the website to six other languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, and Russian. The system adapts itself to the language associated with the user’s browser. If the language is one of the above, the interface is shown in the user’s language.

August 2021: Additional surface options for QR Smileys

Our airport, hospital, and some luxury restroom clients told us they would like to use other display surfaces for QR smileys, traditionally a sticker or a table tent.

AirVote’s new line of QR smiley displays includes acrylic wall plates, counter stands, two-sided displays placed on top of a crowd control stanchion. AirVote team found the US providers for these displays – both high quality and cost-effective. A tablet version has been released for a hospital client featuring rotating questions in multiple languages.

July 2021: Alerting for Telegram users

The request comes from our clients in Europe who use Telegram as their messaging platform. For them, AirVote added integration with Telegram. Integrating with WhatsApp is also possible and is waiting on customers to request the feature

June 2021: Obtaining geolocation from the users

Some portable restroom customers who implemented AirVote, do not use any software to track their units or their GPS locations. For these clients, AirVote provides an inexpensive and effortless way to track their assets. This optional feature asks the customer to share their current GPS location every time they scan a QR smiley. If the customer allows sharing their current GPS location, it is sent to the company in real-time, along with any customer responses. This feature offers two benefits. First, it instantly displays the location of a problem area. Second, it allows companies to serialize their assets without much effort or complex processes. A geo-tagged AirVote response comes to the company and is associated with a unique QR smiley. The office can quickly cross-reference the location with the customer, site, and rental. As a result, the unit is serialized directly from the office based on the actual user response and without taxing the drivers or service teams to go to that location for serializing the unit. It is a lifesaver for companies with hundreds or thousands of unserialized units in the field.

April 2021: Donate to the cause

Businesses can connect their custom pages to the happy review. For example, a happy vote screen can lead a satisfied zoo guest to a page where they can donate to the cause. Restaurants can include links to the online tipping platform of their choice. AirVote gently leads a happy customer to act and express gratitude to a business for a service well done.

March 2021: Quick find and bulk location assignment

Customers with thousands of assets tracked by AirVote need to find a response associated with an asset quickly. Also, many portable restroom operators servicing events need to update locations frequently as the units move between different events. AirVote bulk assignment feature allows quickly assigning the same location to many units in bulk. The quick find field is a live filter that narrows down the dashboard view to what the company manager is looking for.

February 2021: Using custom responses with QR smileys

Added custom responses to QR Smileys, other than happy/so-so/sad. The addition of custom response options helps companies who wanted to track specific problems with AirVote, such as Great/Needs Cleaning/Needs Repair.

November 2020: Question administration

This feature was brought as a request from AirVote clients with geographically distributed assets that need regular services. Examples include portable restroom operators, vending machines, or office equipment rentals. For them, a unique AirVote QR smiley is a logical replacement for an asset tag. In addition to identifying the asset, QR smiley also collects customer responses about the service quality of that asset. Question management allows businesses to link QR smiley with an existing asset number, specify location description, choose the unit’s GPS location on the map, or use a what3words geolocating platform popular in Europe.

February 2020: QR smileys online order page

Businesses can order QR Smileys online from AirVote. It simplifies the process for the company—no need to worry about printing out QR smileys on your own. AirVote team has a set of preferred providers with discounted prices, and the QR smiley displays are shipped directly to the customer.

December 2019: Social media integration for positive responses.

Businesses can connect social media pages to a green (happy) customer response and encourage users to post a positive social media review.

The yellow/red (critical) responses are internally communicated to the business for quick resolution, and the user is steered away from social media.

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