Frequently asked questions

Why restrooms?

Three reasons:
First, the restroom stall is a place where customers have a minute of quiet time, often with a smartphone in their hands – it’s the reality of today. This explains the high volume of responses from the restrooms.
Second, the restroom is one place where a business has little control of the moment when it gets messy or runs out of supplies.
Lastly, various research is loud and clear that over 90% of customers will judge a business and service quality by the conditions of the restroom.

AirVote questions are perfect to be placed in every restroom stall, on the inside of the door facing a customer when they sit down. Low setup costs make it a simple and practical solution.

I am a small business and do not have high customer traffic. What do I get from AirVote?

Thee are two ways AirVote can bring value to businesses with light customer traffic:

  • Real-time alerts on negative votes along with optional comments. On average 10% of voting customers submit an optional anonymous comment. That single vote can immediately alert the owner of a problem area before other customers see it.
  • AirSocial – offering happy customer additional link to the social channel of your choice. This helps increase the number of your positive reviews and can directly impact your bottom line.
I am already on Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor. Why do I need AirVote?

Most of the popular review sites create an external image of a business in the social world. AirVote is an internal tool. Your customers will use it to tell you in real-time the truth about your services. This helps you fix small issues before they become big and before they show up in Facebook/Google/Yelp as a negative review.

Will my customers really vote? My FB/Google/Yelp reviews are very few.

Popular review sites require going to the site, sign-in, and type comments. Reviews and comments are usually visible to everyone including the reviewer’s circle of friends. That’s why statistically only 2 percent of customers submit external reviews. Usually when they are either very happy or very frustrated. In comparison, with the anonymous, one-tap QR smiley scan your customers vote on-the-go and can be honest about their level of satisfaction. Our real life metrics are loud and clear that the customers do vote, and in large numbers – certainly large enough to catch a good or a bad trend.

Many people don’t even know how to scan QR code or what QR code even is. Many don’t have smartphones capable of scanning a QR code. Is AirVote a waste for them?

This is true – those customers will not be able to vote using AirVote. However:
-They will also be less likely to go to popular social review sites and hurt your brand by submitting a bad review. It is a more technically savvy audience who would do that – and they are most likely to know how to scan a QR code
-You do not need 100 people to vote and tell you that your restrooms need cleaning. If you are watching the dashboard daily, just a couple of votes are enough to show the problem or a trend

Do I have to have stickers? Can it be a stand?

Formats don’t matter – as long as it is visible and easy for the customers to scan. Poster, stand, table tent, even electronically on a TV display – all work.

Can I just make many copies of the same question and post it to different locations?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our clients print AirVote smileys as inserts into their customers’ takeout orders. Rule of thumb: if you are interested in feedback at specific physical location, it is best to have a separate question. Otherwise, you can make as many copies as you want to track feedback from the specific customer group.

My corporate HQ use a central service for customer feedback. Is there a place for AirVote here?

There might be. Questions to ask:

  • Does it cover both external and internal reviews? Many companies focus only on external feedback. In this case, AirVote can complementary to your existing provider
  • Does the existing internal feedback system work? Oftentimes it is implemented as an after-the fact survey or providing a phone number to call. These feedback methods usually get very few reviews. Placing a couple of AirVote questions in locations where you want to get real-time feedback may solve your issues, and it will likely cost you nothing
  • Is the internal customer feedback anonymous? Many customers hesitate to leave honest feedback in fear that it will generate back-and-forth conversations, calls, mails…. If you are OK with receiving anonymous feedback, AirVote may work well

Speak with your customer success department about it – to at least make them aware of AirVote as an alternative

I see the value in the data AirVote can provide me. But I have limited time and internal resources to focus on it. Can I fully outsource AirVote, both installation and maintenance?

You can. Our flexible model includes implementing AirVote in a fully outsourced model. You will only be receiving the regular reports, plus an assigned account manager with experience in your industry segment will provide practical recommendations based on the feedback of your customers. Contact us at, and we will discuss how we can make it happen for your business.

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