Can You Look Forward to a Negative Review?


Last week we met with one of the AirVote clients. A regular status call we try to have with all our clients. See how the system is working for them and how we can make it more useful to their business.

This particular client runs a large state-wide portable restroom business. A good part of their units now carry AirVote QR smileys. It was fascinating to hear how excited Mark, the Quality Control Manager, was about getting occasional negative responses. Each of them comes to them as an alert, many with a comment from restroom users. Mark knew the date of every critical comment and a specific action his team took to address it. Every non-green response is a problem which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. In the portable restroom business, the operators cannot prevent their restroom units from getting messy all of a sudden – this is the nature of the business! Their service quality is measured by how quickly they react and get to the problem unit to clean it up. With 1500 units spread across the state, it is impossible to get to each one every day. AirVote allows our client to “enlist” restroom users as the voice of their quality control. On-the-go (pun intended 😊) private feedback from the restroom users helps fix problems as they appear.

The biggest joy for a business owner is to see their product or service bring a real value. After that call, our team looked at each other, and we knew we were sharing the same feeling. This is why we started AirVote in August 2019… This was the dream: to put aside chasing happy reviews and connect business owners with their customers at a deeper level. The comments from AirVote users are very different from those you may see in Facebook or Google reviews. This is unfiltered specific feedback telling you what your customer thinks about your service. It is direct, it is anonymous, and it is private. When a business starts receiving this kind of feedback, they begin to value a negative response with a critical comment over a happy smiley. It is exciting to see the AirVote dream start coming true.

By the way, over 60% of that client’s responses are happy ones. About 10% of the green votes have comments thanking the operator for keeping their restroom fresh and clean. So they do get their share of positive karma too!

Give AirVote a try and experience it for your business.

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