Three Ways a Business Can Increase Its Customer Reviews


Google is the second most popular destination for product searches after Amazon. No surprise that a high number of positive reviews is a coveted advantage setting a business apart from the competition.  

Based on the Sidecar Discover research, the products with a four or five-star rating enjoy 94% of online purchases.

Three simple things a business can do to increase the Google reviews:

  1. Use Google’s own free Customer Reviews service. Of course, like many other Google services, the price for the free service is estimated in the amount of effort to learn how it works and configure it correctly. Once done, though, Google can send your customers an email asking them to submit a review upon their purchase.

  2. Use similar paid services that help send user surveys via email or text message. There are many such services out there – just google terms like “online customer surveys.” Typically they work and increase the number of reviews. Cost and complexity vary a bit.  One other thing to watch out for: a survey might be sent to customers who may have experienced a small service problem. Their reviews will potentially hurt the business for many years. If the service is truly bad – no question: the company deserves the reviews it gets. But the businesses are frequently punished for small, petty things often outside of their control.

  3. Use an internal review system such as AirVote® and integrate it with the external reviews. AirVote QR smileys (green/yellow/red) only need a scan with a smartphone, and the signal is sent internally to the business team. It is a non-confrontational anonymous way for the customer to either say thanks or point out a problem. Customers who voted happy are also presented a link to submit a full review in social.

To see how businesses use AirVote, check out our gallery.

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