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Fast and Innovative Retail Customer Feedback Platform – Air-Vote

96% of retail customers would read customer reviews when choosing what to buy next. Other than that, for retailers, client feedback determines how high the business listing ranks on the marketplace search page. Missing out on reading and analyzing reviews doesn’t let businesses improve customer service and reach out to wider audiences. 

Retailers often struggle to get shoppers to leave reviews in the first place. Unless a customer feels very strongly about the product or service, they will not have enough motivation to leave a review on social media, Google, or Yelp. As a result,  product dissatisfaction oftentimes goes unnoticed and makes it more difficult for retailers to improve customer service or product selection. 

How to build a connection with clients and encourage them to leave thank-you notes or share their struggles? Meet AirVote®, a tool that makes answering satisfaction survey questions a one-tap job. 

Air-Vote®: Encourages Your Customers to Actually Leave Product Reviews

Air-Vote uses QR smiley stickers or posters to make leaving a review easier for an in-store customer. To leave a review, your clients will no longer need to sign in, write a long comment, and wait until it’s approved. Instead, they can share thoughts on products on-the-go, by scanning a smiley that matches their feedback. 

As soon as your business gets a new critical review, you can get a notification about it. This way, AirVote helps retailers keep track of customer reviews 24/7 with no extra work. Moreover, you can track retail customer feedback via a sleek, easy-to-use dashboard. A filtering system sorts reviews by date, the vibe (positive, or negative ones), and other criteria. You can monitor the feedback for each product you put on sale individually as well. 

How Air-Vote Makes a Difference For Retailers

Helps you get more reviews

If your business doesn’t get many reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, Shopify, or Amazon, it’s often because it takes too much time to leave a comment there. Most customers aren’t nearly as excited or unhappy about the product enough to fill out registration forms and answer survey questions. 

With Air-Vote, a customer will no longer have to sign up to share feedback about her shopping experience. Scanning a QR embedded into a smiley that matches the way they feel about the product is the only thing Air-Vote asks your customers to do. Since it only takes two seconds, in most cases, business owners start getting 4-5 times more reviews after setting up Air-Vote. 

Shows customers that you care

Asking shoppers to complete a customer satisfaction survey is a subtle way for a retailer to come across as considerate and caring. Your clients will be happy to see AirVote QR smileys attached to the product packaging – it means that their opinions make a difference in the way you are doing business. When choosing where to make a similar order, they will see your store as a go-to choice. 

Empowers data-driven decision-making

When you need to make an impactful decision, it’s helpful to eliminate all guesswork from meeting rooms. With the Air-Vote satisfaction survey questions , retailers clearly understand which experiences are important to your customers. 

Helps you find answers to all relevant questions

Air-Vote gives retailers a way to systemize and organize customer feedback. Instead of getting non-constructive comments from shoppers (“Horrible”, “Will never buy it again”), a business team can ask direct questions.

An Air-Vote question example could be “Rate the speed of the shipping” or “Did you like the packaging?”. Having freedom to create custom survey questions allows retailers to get the ultimate value out of customer feedback and get in-depth insights on product and shopping experience quality. 

Generates detailed reports

Whether you need to instruct your team, pitch to investors, or monitor your store’s efficiency for your own peace of mind, isn’t it helpful to have internal customer satisfaction survey insights consolidated into one platform? With Air-Vote, it’s exactly what you get! The system collects all internal customer reviews and organizes them neatly in a dashboard.

Keeps negative comments away from the public eye

Ait-Vote keeps customer feedback private. If an in-store customer left a negative review via a QR scan, a business owner will be the only one to know about it. This way, unflattering comments won’t scatter all over the web causing reputation damage to businesses.

Encourages clients to be honest

In Air-Vote, all customer reviews are anonymous. Why? For one thing, it saves a customer’s time since they don’t have to fill in a subscription form. Most importantly, it encourages your clients to speak up their minds freely when answering a survey question example. 

Unsatisfied customers will no longer have to keep quiet about their shopping experience struggles out of fear to seem rude or impolite. Thus, a retail business owner will get a raw, unfiltered perspective on in-store customer service and product selection. 

Air-Vote is an easy-to-use system for hassle-free customer satisfaction survey management. Designed with your customers’ convenience and comfort in mind, it gives retailers full control over customer service and brand reputation. 

Try Air-Vote out for yourself. Create an account to explore the system and see how it works. 

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