DIY Customer Feedback With QR Code


QR code popularity soars as a simple, non-contact method to gather feedback wherever the customers are.  Do you know that it is simpler than you think to get this for your business?  Here are the steps to create a customer survey and point a QR code to it.  Quickly put something out there and see if it works for your business:

  1. Setup a Google form with your question and survey for your customer. Here is a good resource from Google on how to make a Google Form:
  2. After creating a Google form with your question, click on the Send button, and copy the link
  3. Use any free online tools such as QR-Code-Generator or Website Planet to create a QR code for the link you copied.
  4. 4. Print the QR code any way you want and post it at the customer traffic locations.  When your customers scan a code, it will take them to your form.

The Responses section of your Google form will show your customer responses.

If you don’t want to go into designing your forms and different QR codes, AirVote does it all for you. We created it so that you can focus on your business and your customers – the rest “just happens”.  You only make a question you want to ask, and colorful AirVote® smileys are created for you – each carrying a unique QR code.  You also get real-time alerts and regular reports on your customers’ feedback.  Did we mention that moderate use of up to 50 responses a month is free forever?

Give AirVote a try and see for yourself.

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