AirVote – is it an asset tracker?


Many companies use unique AirVote QR Smiley® stickers as asset tags. Each QR smiley has a unique numer and displayed on the unit or equipment – why not use it as an asset tag?

We are often asked if AirVote is the same as asset tracking software and how it is different. This post attempts to answer the most common questions.

There are plenty of asset tracking apps out there. For anyone looking specifically for asset tracking, here is a good directory and a top x list:

So, what’s the difference between AirVote® and an asset tracker?

Asset trackers do just what their name implies – track assets. Traditionally, the only users of the software are the company employees. 

Most companies daily use software to manage their business for customer management, scheduling, service routes, etc. Asset tracking is often included there as one of the modules. 

A word of warning for a stand-alone asset tracking software: it 100% depends on the daily upkeep every time an asset moves or changes its status. For example, let’s take generator equipment. Every time the construction crews go out to the site, they need to scan the generator out of the shop. When they arrive at the worksite, someone needs to scan it “out on-site”. At the end of the day, it needs to get checked back into the shop. It becomes impractical most of the time, and the company management sold on a YouTube video showing thousands of nice rows of assets may soon discover that perfect asset tracking can cost more than it’s worth.

Here is a side-by-side feature comparison of AirVote with a standard asset tracking app:

Features Standard Asset Tracker app AirVote®
Alerts Yes Yes
Areas Yes Yes
Categories Yes No
History Yes Yes
Maps Yes In Development
Notes Yes Yes
Permissions Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Standard service activities Yes Yes
Audio Comments No Yes
Upcoming service alerts from users No Yes
Service quality feedback from users No Yes
Asset geolocation by the users No Yes

Conclusion: the uniqueness of AirVote® and its difference from an asset tracker is three-fold:

  1. Instead of building full-scale asset tracking capabilities, it integrates with the CRM software of a company.
  2. An asset can “auto-correct” its own geolocation – all without expensive electronics or subscriptions. AirVoteQR Smiley® can grab the geolocation from the user’s device while the user leaves their feedback. If the company’s software did not properly track the asset for some reason – human error or oversight (the reality of business), the actual users help correct it! We see it as a more practical use scenario than only relying on the company staff (busy humans) to maintain everything perfectly. 
  3. Most importantly, with AirVote as an asset tag, a company track assets and gathers user feedback about the service quality associated with that asset: month after month, year after year… It is done by presenting “an asset tag” in the format of three QR Smileys® as an interface for the users to provide their feedback.

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