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How is AirVote Used Across Different Industries?

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AirVote: Reliable and Innovative Feedback Platform For Healthcare

The quality of service in healthcare has a direct impact on patient outcomes. Research of Stanford proved that patient feedback helps doctors relieve physical symptoms. There are secondary benefits, too – like creating a positive reputation online and increasing a retention rate. So, is patient satisfaction a quality indicator? Research indicates that the answer is yes.  

The question is, how can healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics quickly collect honest patient feedback? Medical professionals have enough immediate work and documentation, so they can’t be responsible for collecting reviews. 

So, how to improve patient satisfaction? There should be a way to let patients take the lead. 

Meet AirVote, a smart platform for measuring patient satisfaction in healthcare

AirVote is a platform that allows patients to scan QR stickers with colorful emojis. Visitors scan the sticker, located on the doors, walls, or windows of the clinic to leave feedback. No requirement to write comments, or log in to online platforms. AirVote doesn’t take personal patient data, which is why it’s highly GDPR and HIPPA compliant. 

With intuitive QR smileys, parties can directly translate their emotional feedback into precise answers. It’s a simple, non-invasive way of leaving a review. On the other side, the hospital team sees these reviews in real-time, in an intuitive dashboard. The feedback is sorted by its nature (positive or negative), date, department, location. 

Measure patient satisfaction

Removing the barrier between medical facilities and patients is highly important. Removing negative associations that hospital visitors may have about healthcare practices is easy with opening up for feedback. Let your team catch small mistakes before they turn into crucial problems. Is there a feedback about long wait from one particular  waiting room? Did the appointment feel like it was rushed? Patients will be able to let you know. 

AirVote, with its real-time features, allows you to catch issues and prevent misunderstandings right away. No waiting period for the information to get processed. All the insights are packed in the intuitive dashboard. 

Spread the good word

How do patient satisfaction scores impact healthcare institutions? Online reviews are a crucial factor of patient trust. People track hospital patient satisfaction with Google, forums, social media. Every testimonial has value. Encouraging your visitors to evaluate their experiences and spread the word will bring more people in. 

What are patient satisfaction indicators in AirVote? For one, the AirVote answers are not limited to just  a smiley-based votealone, but also include a free-form anonymous comment for expressing specific feedback. Also, happy patients are provided a direct link to the facility’s social page to leave a public review there. 

Improve patient satisfaction

For physicians and healthcare staff, good care means, first and foremost, accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. These are already ambitious goals – so much so that teams might forget other important aspects. For doctors and medical staff, AirVote’s reviews will keep on their radar the patients’ view of the quality of their care – which at times may include a simple restroom cleanliness. 

Data collected by AirVote will show you the areas of great service as many are eager to just say thanks.  Patients themselves will also be the first ones to let you know if something is lacking. An important benefit of using AirVote is its emotional component – patients don’t have to limit their feedback to evaluating diagnosis and treatment only. 

Higher patient loyalty

Patients and doctors are on the same side. Both are interested in establishing a lasting relationship, provide the best care, and feel understood. However, this goal is often unattainable due to the lack of technology and time for communication. Medical professionals are busy with day-to-day work, while patients don’t know where to leave reviews even though feedback hotline numbers are being available to them.  Very few would dial a number just to express themselves. But many patients scan a smiley as a quick response to a specific question.

AirVote provides a way out for physicians and patients alike. It’s an intuitive, fast way of two-way communication. Unlike regular review platforms,  AirVote automatically updates the hospital team, letting you read and manage your reviews before everyone else. Such client satisfaction surveys and mental health are often connected when it comes to medical practice.

Improve medical skills

Sure, patients won’t give you insights on your diagnosis precision or surgical technique. However, they can compare your bedside manner, counseling skills, and listening abilities against your fellow doctors. 

Collecting and managing health care satisfaction assists teams in re-evaluation of their best practices and staying up to date with care standards. So, importance of patient satisfaction in healthcare pushes the quality bar..

How can a healthcare facility use AirVote?

AirVote uses QR codes to connect patients in physical locations (hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers) to staff and medical teams. Any visitor who comes for a consultation or procedure can leave immediate feedback. 

Just attach the sticker to the doors, walls, restroom stalls, tables, brochures of your hospital or practice – and encourage patients to scan it. Usually, patients won’t need much encouragement since AirVote’s stickers are made to stand out. You can place an AirVote question as a stand in the corridor or hallway.

Five steps to start collecting reviews with AirVote

  1. Create an account for your healthcare institution on AirVote’s platform or email and the team will help with registration;
  2. Create the first question and watch the system automatically generate a sticker with smart QR smileys;
  3. Print the sticker and place it in an area of patient or visitor traffic;
  4. Promote AirVote to your patients or visitors;
  5. View real-time review data in a sorted, intuitive, secure dashboard. 

No need for patients to fill out excessive registration forms. Your patient personal data is secure. The feedback is honest, precise, and anonymous, fully available to your entire team. 

Empower your healthcare facility with AirVote. Register an account to start or contact for help or questions.

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