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Customer Feedback Software AirVote – tool for client reviews

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Meet AirVote

AirVote is a smart client feedback software for collecting and managing shopper feedback in real-time. Spread the insights about your business. Become familiar with your buyers, their needs, preferences, and dislikes. Let your customers highlight areas for improvement.

AirVote’s sticker is a question with three smileys- for excellent, average, and negative experiences. Collect reviews 24/7, review them in the intuitive dashboards, and publish reactions online. Ask your clients if the service fulfilled their expectations, if they enjoyed the product, or got deliveries on time. To answer, shoppers simply scan a QR code that represents their vibe.

Collecting feedback has challenges

Customary review systems expect customers to sign in to online communities, fill out online surveys, or leave phone reviews. Nowadays, these are considered by many as too much hassle – people to express themselves on the spot and with one-touch action.

With its intuitive reaction tracker, AirVote eliminates multiple challenges of review collection.

  • No need to log in on digital platforms – buyers interact with physical packaging or points of sales;
  • No need to think of comments: AirVote provides ready-to-send answers, tailored to customer experience;
  • No follow-up emails: buyers don’t have to engage in lengthy dialogue with the business team;
  • No difficulties with managing the suggestions: reviews obtained on a physical point of sales or product delivery are automatically transferred to an online repository;
  • No risks of losing a review: the platform keeps a 24/7 dashboard of all answers, surveys, and activities.

AirVote is a versatile client feedback tool that benefits both buyers and businesses. Clients can get information about a store or a brand, read reviews, communicate with a business. Companies work with an intuitive dashboard and get real-time notifications about positive and negative responses.

Benefits of using AirVote

Adopt a new, fast way of collecting reviews

AirVote “Thank you” screen connects happy customers to your website, Yelp, Google My Business, Amazon, and Shopify. With direct inquiries and overviews, entrepreneurs can understand benefits and problematic areas. Buyers’ assessment is an objective measure of product quality and business growth. 

Clients give exact reactions and submit them directly to you. The customer feedback tool saves all reviews and encourages a happy visitor to the review boards and submit a positive comment.

Build a client-driven business

Take in impartial criticism from your purchasers by catching their vibes on the spot. Purchasers need to scan a QR code that is attached to a specific smiley.

Get clear data

Visual reports and summaries let you monitor consumer fulfillment. Teams can recognize vectors for development and execute quick improvements.

Determine which testimonials you want

A user feedback tool allows you to ask your customers precise surveys about their experiences with your business.

Show your appreciation to a customer

Clients like being heard. The review reaction device closes the gap among organizations and buyers. Allow clients to leave inquiries, express insights, and leave impressions.

Kickstart your growth

AirVote’s reviews serve as a roadmap for the company’s growth. By tracking the dynamics of reviews over time as well as the NPS score via AirVote, business owners can track their improvement rates.

How does AirVote work?

Step 1 – Register a personal or business page on AirVote;

Step 2 – Create the first question and the customer feedback service instantly generates a set of QR smileys;

Step 3 – Attach the QR codes to the packaging, office doors, point of sales for increased visibility;

Step 4 – Buyers scan the QR codes with their smartphones and vote on service quality

Step 5 – Collect and oversee surveys, sum up positive and negative criticism, distribute testimonials to online review boards

Who can use AirVote?

  • Retail businesses: attach QR codes to your goods and receive immediate reactions from purchasers
  • Restaurants and hotels: encourage visitors to leave answers by attaching AirVote’s QR code to menus, doors, tables
  • Shops and shopping centers: get input on your service from guests – both on the store items and administrations, just like on the state of the shopping center office itself, bathroom cleanness, and so forth.
  • Small businesses: shops, service centers, offices can collect real-time reactions during online and offline interactions
  • Large companies: receive reviews from all your points of sale and aggregate testimonials in the unified client feedback service
  • Manufactures: get deep audits and study answers on your product’s quality, administrations, coordinations by attaching AirVote’s stickers to packaging. 

Benefits of AirVote for your customers

AirVote changes the shopping experience, breaking the wall between businesses and customers. Buyers know that their voices are heard, which motivates them to become more vocal about their impressions. AirVote is a fast, safe, and intuitive and anonymous feedback tool.

AirVote lets customers

  • See humans behind brands: your shoppers understand that there’s a caring team behind the business name;
  • Put thoughts into words: detailed surveys provide natural, concise formulas for expressing vague emotions;
  • Know the important things the business cares about: the customer review tool encourages both rational and emotional aspects of communication – buyers interact with smileys and colored tags
  • Promote businesses they like: Airvote’s QR customer review software is a shortcut to endorsing favorite businesses;
  • Share experiences: a QR scan encourages a happy client to share an opinion with a local community.

Get smart feedback with AirVote

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